Almost 5:26:85

Well.... it turns out it won't be just a week of experimental goodies..... Let’s make it longer!
This next piece is related more to my home.
It’s about longing...and of course that's why it's called "almost 5:26:85"
I am obsessed with numbers….And guess what…the numbers in the title represent my birth date! :>
However, this is not about myself, or my home, or even Bulgaria. It’s more about the whole Balkan region and the history, culture, and spirit of Balkan People. If you haven’t visited Eastern Europe yet, you should, because it is a very magical and mystical place that carries deep energy. I can go on and on about the beautiful nature, the amazing food, and complex characters that one encounters when he/she goes to that region. The truth is that you have to check it out for yourself!
Back to the film. In order to create the feeling of exhaustion and yearning I use repetition and rhythm. I calculated carefully every shot and mathematically planned the cuts. In addition I also considerably paid attention to the audio rhythm. The song you hear in the beginning and middle of the film is the Bulgarian version of a popular Roman song called "Ederlezi". I use in the very beginning of the project the amazing sounds of Bulgarian language to create cool glitches. Excuse my bad singing towards the middle, I did attend singing lessons two years later…oh well, may be I should have done it earlier…. At the end you will hear the original song “Ederlezi” composed by Goran Bregovic

you are almost there…. but it slips every time…..until you let go

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