The first experimental piece I decided to post today is far away from being poetic..... The reason is simple: from time to time I feel the urge to look away from the complications in my inner world and look into the dark deep eyes of the surrounding reality. The story behind this short film called "BLACKOUT" is a common one. It was very natural for me to reflect the current events of the day plus at that time my mind was very preoccupied with journalism and the state of the media in the United States. This short piece is speaking about blackout in the political, religious, and communications sense. It is also about my personal blackout>>> about the many times I've been in awe because of the strange things that happen in our world and my inability to deal with it. I purposefully used a lot of different footage sources (including some I shot myself) and edited it together in such a way that the viewer is provoked to be as much focused as possible. One needs to try hard to gather the important information regardless the many distractions. In addition, I used different kinds of filters to create one gritty, aggressive, compelling look. My favorite aspect of this project is the soundtrack. I used three tracks in total. The first one that you can hear in the beginning of the piece is by an anonymous artist and I got it from a free database online. The second one is by Blues Brothers and is called "John the Revelator". The third one (the out of space sound you hear throughout the whole piece) is by ESEM, a Bulgarian idm artist. The track is called "report machine" and was perfect for the feeling I was going after.

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