happy birthday

This is a special weekend. As you might know Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has a birthday on the 19th and there are around 280 people that are putting themselves under house arrest (including my dear friend Jeffrey Hellman) in order to bring awareness to the violation of human rights that is taking place in Burma. I will be filming Jeff’s house arrest for the documentary that he and I are working on. After the house arrest our documentary crew will be going for a conference in Washington DC and then for a candle vigil in front of the UN at NYC. More information about the documentary you can find here.
On more personal note I want to tell you how lucky I was through the years to work with people (including Danny Schechter/Globalvision and DN!) who really care deeply about important matters. And though the world around me is trying to transform me into a cynical consumer these individuals give me hope that in fact the principles I grew up with are valued worldwide. Thank you.

This is a recent interview with freedom fighter Han Lin - also very inspiring and passionate individual.

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