celeritas~~~the swiftness of light *

today i decided to go more into detail on why i chose to call this blog prism heart and how one can play with light. long before i knew i will be doing films or anything related to manipulation of images i was fascinated by physics and mathematics. yes, physics has always been my philosophy. for example my interpretation of Newton’s three laws has been the usual source of peace of mind and the usual answer when being asked in what i believed. sometimes however, i decide not to be sure of anything just because i like to be without any boundaries. one of the few things though that continuously keeps coming back to me with a sense of "security”, is light; light and its transformations, its trickery, and power over our mind. our vision is light and we mainly decide what is reality depending on it. so what a better way to examine and explore reality but through vision, namely light? prisms refract light, they alter light, they segment light, they veer light, they play with light….and…prisms are found in film cameras. here is a photo from the plan for a website i plan to make one day.

this bad drawing of a prism became an essential emblem for me through time and i like it mainly because of the texture of the prism. it looked to me very organic and very gritty and reminded me of a heart. i also remembered one of my favourite books – the little prince and one of the most famous Exupery’s quotes: “and now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.” and i thought that combining the power of light and the power of the heart is a good path for someone like me…or like you. and just thinking about it, the real and the unreal, the visible and invisible, and having the opportunity to tweak and play with light makes me feel at the right place….it’s that simple :>

this is a sculpture that was inspired by my interest in prisms,light,deserts(little prince)...and practicality. it's a piece that can serve as a domestic light, it's made of wood and has a glass prism on top that in fact reflected unexpectedly exquisite patterns....sorry you can't see much from this video...

p.s. many thanks to sanq who reminded me about physics and heart stuff ;}
* check out the story about c = celeritas

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