2015 – The Year Of 4K?

2015 will be an exciting year and I can assure you there are so many reasons for it!

One of them, will be the ultimate rise of 4K or ultra-high-definition (UHD) television and video, as screens will become more affordable and more adequate content services begin to launch. This year’s CES that is running until the 9th of January in Las Vegas is THE major platform for all the big players to showcase their latest 4K capabilities and I already have my eye on the ultra slim Sony 4K Bravia TV.

Why 2015?

First, believe it or not, it seems that 3D is now démodé! CES 2013 and 2014 were the years when TV makers such as Panasonic and Vizio dropped from the 3D sets race and this year’s CES 2015 shows that Samsung and Sony are doing the same and are concentrating on 4K – the new hip technology. Also since the UHD Alliance is pushing for the adoption of 4K, sooner or later you will also get on that wagon.

Second, content is king and 2015 is also the year of VOD. Some key players such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, DirecTV, and Comcast have geared in order to provide 4K streaming and are working further on developing their UHD capabilities. And this is only the beginning with 4K Blu-ray coming in 2015 and BBC just recently broadcasting certain elements of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games live in UHD at a public showcase in the host city. There are currently no 4K home TV broadcasts or dedicated 4K TV channels but in July 2014 the DVB Steering Board approved the DVB-UHDTV Phase 1 specification which allows for UHD TV broadcasting to actually become a reality. 

Last, the possibilities of 4K just sound exciting! Whilst 3D technology proved to be more beneficial for the movie industry but an overall flap, 4k is universal and definitely caters for a better TV experience. My husband is a sports fanatic and the truth is he WILL give anything to watch his favorite sport events on a big 4K set. As for me, I wouldn't mind seeing Planet Earth on my new Sony 4K Bravia!

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