I'm in love....And typically with something that is fun, cute, and can't be used for serious things! Look at this baby.....So totally useless and commersial but also so sweet....Get me that and a ticket to the -forgotten land- and I might become the happiest gal on the block!

The HDC-SD9 offers full-HD 1920 x 1080 progressive recording (25 frames per second)** to capture images with a richness and beauty simply not possible with previous consumer camcorders. Users can record motion images with the kind of film-like quality enjoyed in movies at the cinema. Even though there is a natural conflict between high image quality and a high compression ratio, the 17-Mbps bit rate of the HDC-SD9 gives superb image quality and motion response, while its high compression ratio enables one full hour of recording onto a 4-GB SD Memory Card (in HX mode) at full-HD resolution. The model also introduces new features such as Face Detection and the Intelligent Shooting Guide, which make it easier to capture mistake-free shots. It also offers Panasonic's original 3CCD camera system, Advanced O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer), and a Leica Dicomar lens - three technologies that team up to deliver full-HD images of exquisite beauty. Viewed on today's high-quality large-screen TVs, video clips shot with the HDC-SD9 are simply breathtaking, with vivid colouring, intricate detail and exceptional clarity.*
*taken from the panasonic official website

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